The Big Fish Found genre: Hip-Gnosis & Six Degrees of Speculation

It was announced yesterday that a key find in the long sought evolutionary link may have been discovered. Scientists in the Canadian arctic discovered several intact specimens of large fishlike fossils that have what appear to be the precursor characteristics of walking appendages. The fossils are believed to be some 375 million years old and they actually provide the second known transitional creature. The first discovered was Archaeopteryx, a whale that was found to be a land animal.

For evolutionists, the discovery is another significant piece in the well established scientific arsenal. This discovery solidifies one of the few remaining vulnerabilities of the theory of evolution that is routinely met by the skepticism of creationists. Despite the finding, creationists consulted about the finding continued to express doubt in the validity of the theory.

I've always been one to look for consistency in the positions of particular groups of people. To that end, one could assume that many creationists are supporters of the Bush administration given their similar religious leanings. One might also assume they supported the President in his justifications for the Iraq war and remain committed to that position despite the fact that there were no WMD's, no link to 9/11, and no indications that Hussein was integrally involved with Al Qaeda. They likely criticize the media for failing to report the 'good news' in Iraq and they likely doubt that Iraq is closer to civil war than to democratic civility.

If we take the creationists position on evolution together with the fact that I may be correct in my assumptions about their position on Iraq, a few things become apparent. First, I'll grant them the consistency of their steadfast convictions. But more importantly and more telling is the fact that the means taken to reach these convictions are wholly inconsistent. The mindset that requires indisputable evidence in order to accept the theory of evolution would logically bring this same skepticism to other complex and controversial issues (i.e. Iraq) if it were an innate characteristic or a principled posture. Faith in what one simply chooses to believe is an insult to the construct of faith. When faith is blind, the path to one's chosen destiny must be traveled in darkness...and that path will necessarily be absent the clear and credible markers that will lead, firstly, to the penultimate salvation...truth. If faith is allowed to subvert truth, the destination may be final...but it is ultimately not salvation.

Daniel DiRito | April 6, 2006 | 8:29 AM
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