WWF Cage Match: USA vs. Iran genre: Tongue-In-Cheek

WWF Cage Match Extraordinaire:
George "Big W" Bush vs. Mahmoud "Mad Dog" Ahmadinejad

WWF has just announced the Cage Match of the century...a no-holds-barred holy war smack-down. The combatants are two loose cannons who have each been pile-driven one time too often.

It's a winner take all grudge match. The stakes are high. Each man is allowed three conventional weapons and there will be one WMD perched atop a 30 foot pole that can only be used if the match exceeds 15 rounds. The winner will assume his rightful position as either "God's Right Hand Man" or "Allah's Main Mullah."

Yes, you heard that right...it doesn't get any better than this...it's none other than George "Big W" Bush against that up and coming scrapper Mahmoud "Mad Dog" Ahmadinejad. Tickets go on sale Easter Sunday. Not available on pay-per-view. Seating is limited and United Nations Security Council nations will have first choice on floor seating.

Don't miss this one...when it's over there will finally be one nation under God...or Allah.

Daniel DiRito | April 15, 2006 | 8:44 PM
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