Ford Shareholders Uphold LGBT Protections genre: Gaylingual

Ford shareholders voted by an overwhelming 95% to suport the continuation of protections and benefits for LGBT employees. The motion was forced onto the ballot by shareholders sympathetic to the groups that are currently boycotting Ford. The primary organizer has been The American Family Association. You can read the full article regarding today's vote here and the article on the boycott here.


(Dearborn, Michigan) An attempt by a Ford shareholder to force the automaker to drop protections for LGBT workers from its human resources regulations was swiftly defeated on Thursday.

Shareholders at the company's annual meeting in Dearborn voted 95 percent to reject the proposal.

The motion called for Ford to change its policy to exclude any reference to sexual interests, activities or orientation. Ford argued to the SEC that the proposal would hurt the company's ability to recruit and could hurt sales to gays and lesbians. The SEC rejected the argument.

Ford then issued a recommendation to shareholders to vote against the measure.

The AFA says at its Web site that "It appears that Ford is more willing to face bankruptcy than ending their support of homosexual groups and causes."

Daniel DiRito | May 11, 2006 | 1:59 PM
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