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This week, Answers in Genesis (AiG) launched the opening of its Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky. The museum is primarily intended to defend the belief that the Bible is the correct account of the origin of the universe and to cast doubt on the scientific evidence supporting evolution as well as the age of the earth...which the Creationists believe is approximately 6,000 years as compared to the scientific belief that its age approximates 4.5 billion years.

From Journal Chrétien:

“Just as Dayton, Tennessee, was ground zero for the defense of evolution in 1925, so Petersburg, Kentucky, will become ground zero for the defense of creation in 2007," said Ken Ham.

“The purpose of the museum is to use observational science to show that the Bible is true, its history is true and therefore the Gospel is true," Ham continued. “There are a lot of Ph.D. scientists who believe what the Bible teaches. Both creationists and evolutionists use the same science, and the same evidence – the difference is our pre-existing beliefs [about origins]."

“The buzz is out there globally about this place," Ham noted. “It is incredible that something that is Christian and built on the authority of God’s Word would get such international media attention. But, you haven’t seen anything yet – this museum will be a rallying point for Christians around the world."

“The Creation Museum is a walk through the Bible using science, geology, biology, astronomy and anthropology to confirm the accuracy of biblical history," said Ham.

“Christians are tired of being beaten down and marginalized in this country. Many are telling us it’s about time we had a place where Christians can stand up and say the Bible is true ; its history is true ; we can defend it ; we have the answers ; and we can proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ. That’s what this museum is all about."


What intrigues me most about Mr. Ham and others that promote a Biblical interpretation of the origin of the universe is that they foster the notion that science is in conflict with religion and that the goal of science is to promote disbelief or atheism. Clearly, science has never asserted that it has disproved the notion of god, nor has it argued that the evidence supporting the theory of evolution refutes the possibility of a supreme being.

Frankly, my impression is that men like Mr. Ham benefit from the inferred conflict between science and religion and they use it to promote their own organizations and to support efforts to gain followers and donors. They also seek to reinforce absolutist thinking which insures that believers will reject other objective considerations because to do otherwise would be to deny their faith. It’s a rather effective strategy and if one subscribes to the principle of follow the money, there can be no doubt that it has buoyed the financial status of numerous religious leaders.

The following is a video clip from Fox News which involves a discussion on the museum and the broader topic of Biblical interpretation and scientific method.

Daniel DiRito | May 30, 2007 | 7:44 PM
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1 On June 13, 2007 at 9:51 PM, Drew wrote —

The problem is that narrative is being interpreted as scientific evidence even as the Creationist debunks the scientific method when it is directed towards the very objects that gave rise to it! Narrative is not "evidence" nor should we presuppose that there is objective data pointing to the validity of Genesis. This is a matter of faith not science. The basic epistemological truth is that the scientists ought not distort theological argument by assimilating it into scientific discourse and the theologian ought not distort scientific method by assimilating it into theology. But this does not mean that both areas of knowledge and understanding of the world in which we live and all of the life therein ought not discuss similarity in the midst of difference in their respective understandings of it. There should rather be more room for both to let the other discipline stand on its own ground and then to engage it on its own terms as an other.

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