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Scooter Libby was sentenced to thirty months in prison for his conviction on lying to FBI agents and the Grand Jury in relation to the investigation into the leaking of the name of CIA operative, Valerie Plame.

In last evenings GOP debate, each of the candidates were asked about the prospect that they would pardon Libby. My impression is that the Republican Party views the Libby conviction as the equivalent of Bill Clinton's impeachment for perjury...which leads many to conclude that the thirty month sentence is harsh and unwarranted.

While one could argue against that assertion, the thing that struck me in the answers given last night was the degree to which a number of the candidates minimized the criminal actions behind the situation. Here’s the rub I have with the apparent sympathy for Libby...this is the same party that wants to wear its moral superiority on its sleeve...the same party that sees no need for hate crimes legislation...the same party that is comfortable with the discharge of high value translators from the military because they are gay...the same party that thinks twelve million hard working illegal immigrants ought to be denied a path to citizenship...the same party that opposed the removal of sodomy laws which made it a crime to engage in consensual homosexual sex...the same party that wants to make the burning of a flag a crime...the same party that would send an exemplary mother to jail if she had an abortion following an accidental late in life pregnancy...the same party that pushed for larger FCC penalties because they were in an uproar when Janet Jackson's breast made an appearance on television during the Super Bowl...the same party that ran the White House when Americans sat in front of their televisions following Katrina and watched in horror as people were left to suffer as a result of government incompetence.

Where were these men when cases like that of 17 year old honor student Genarlow Wilson made headlines? Wilson is serving a ten year sentence in Georgia for having had consensual oral sex with a 15 year old girl. He wouldn't have been sent to prison if he had had sexual intercourse...that falls under a "Romeo & Juliet law in Georgia...however oral sex between underage teens constituted "aggravated child molestation and carried a mandatory sentence".

An example of the shameful inconsistency might be helpful. When Terry Schiavo's husband sought to carry out the wishes of his wife and allow her to die, not only did these lock step zombie politicians rally to prevent her passage, they enacted legislation to prevent her death and the president flew back from Texas just to sign the bill...despite pages and pages of evidence that Mrs. Schiavo was in a permanent vegetative state. That wasn't all...many GOP politicians attacked Michael Schiavo...portraying him as some type of monster husband intent on ridding himself of his men that trade in old wives as if they were used cars.

I could go on but I think you get the picture. As I watched these politicians wax on about poor Scooter, I couldn't help but see why the GOP has been stereotyped as the good old boys club for white men who live in virtual isolation and routinely demonstrate abject disregard for all things unfamiliar. The minute one of their own is assailed and brought to justice, they become spokespeople for the elimination of injustice. Unfortunately, that leaves out Mexicans, gays, African Americans, poor people, uninsured people, women (unless they're the age of their daughters, have big breasts, and prone to kowtowing to old men with cash and clout), the evil entertainment industry (unless you would make a good governor or president), and all others outside the purview and the playground of these pampered and pompous prevaricators.

GOP Candidates' Debate Comments On Libby Pardon

Libby's Libby's Libby's On The Label Label Label

Libby's In The Can

Daniel DiRito | June 6, 2007 | 1:59 PM
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1 On June 8, 2007 at 1:02 PM, Zappa wrote —

Why make this into a race issue? Being "white" has nothing to do with it & it's not fair to all of the whites who have opposed the Bush regime. Didn't the Bush administration have some dirty actors that were black in their cabinet? Didn't Colin Powell lie in his presentation to the UN? Have lost count of the number of lies out of Condoleezza Rice's mouth.

If we are going to bring race into every single discussion about bad behavior then shall we talk about Al Sharpton who tries to make the Paris Hilton fiasco into a race issue. Where was his outrage when O.J. Simpson got off for murder? Where was his apology for his false accusations & race baiting in the Duke rape hoax?

Could it be that Sharpton never served a day because he's wealthy & gets celebrity justice just like Paris Hilton?

The obvious would be that we have a system that favors the wealthy elite no matter what their skin color.

Wake up & smell the coffee. Race baiting whether done by Sharpton or David Duke does nothing but help the elite to keep the rest of us in a permanent state of underclass. Yes keep the people fighting over the race card while the average worker of all persuasions gets plundered without mercy.

See big oil is plundering the American people & that would be the same big oil that both George Bush & Chevron tanker Miss. Condoleezza Rice coddle.

Libby will likely be pardoned to protect all of the rotten people in the Bush administration whether white like Bush, black like Rice, Hispanic like Gonzales or Asian like John Yoo. Criminals are in ample supply in all flavors in the Bush administration IMHO. Blind loyalty to the fuhrer is all that's required.

So get off the white kick & be a little more fair. Scoundrels come in all flavors & they seem to get along just fine together.

2 On June 8, 2007 at 4:50 PM, Daniel wrote —


Thanks for sharing your comments.

I must say I'm surprised that you've extracted and focused on only one point from my posting. Frankly, race wasn't the point of the posting...the point is that politicians live in isolation and they are focused on protecting the people they know and associate with...which means they often disregard others in need.

Further, your final comment that I "get off the white kick" is more telling about you than me. Perhaps I'm wrong, but you, my friend, appear to be the one focused on race.

I would have the same remarks if Scooter Libby were Black, Hispanic, Asian...or even gay for that matter. Additionally, if every politician was Black...and they behaved like many of today's politicians...I would be offering the same criticisms.

Stating the fact that most of our elected officials are white was offered to point out the existing stereotype...but it also points out that they live in isolation because they are surrounded by peers who all have similar backgrounds...which makes them sympathetic to people who are similar to them and often unaware of the plight of others from different backgrounds. Those backgrounds can be any of the many examples I cited above...which weren't limited to skin color.

You mentioned Al Sharpton and I will tell you that there have been times I've defended him and times I criticized him (the Don Imus situation to be specific)...just as I would with anyone regardless of skin color.

My suspicion is that you tend to focus on skin color. If you read what I've written here at Thought Theater, you will find that I take sides based upon the existing facts and I attempt to offer reasoned arguments.

Again, thanks for sharing your thoughts and I do encourage you to peruse the archives where you will find that I am not focused on skin color and I am not prone to "playing the race card".



3 On June 8, 2007 at 7:09 PM, Mimi Schaeffer wrote —

Not so fast...let's talk about race.

Does anyone really believe these token African-Americans in the administration, and yes, that especially includes Colin Powell and Miss Rice, actually had any REAL POWER?!?

Sure, power to appear next to Bush, smiling the Uncle Tom and Aunt Jamima smile. Toadies to power, every one of them. Equal to the bunch of gays in the White House, George Allen's former aides, and other self-loathing gays who'll lick the bootie of those in power for just a whiff of their farts.

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