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Amidst the debate as to whether humans are the result of a lengthy process of evolution or if they were part of a six day creation spree by the almighty, new evidence has emerged to suggest that we didn't evolve. No, its not what you may think...its not the result of a scientific discovery...its not based upon the unearthing of an ancient fossil...not even due to an opinion offered by a renowned expert. It’s from two headlines found in the news.

From The Associated Press:

Texas Crowd Kills Man After Car Hit Girl

An angry crowd beat a man to death after a vehicle he was riding in struck and injured a young girl, police said Wednesday.

Police believe 2,000 to 3,000 people were in the area for a Juneteenth celebration when the attack occurred Tuesday night.

The driver had stopped to check on the little girl at the entrance to an apartment complex when a group of men attacked him, authorities said. The passenger, David Rivas Morales, 40, got out to try to help the driver, but the crowd turned on him, said police Commander Harold Piatt.

Morales was beaten to death by as many as 20 men and left lying in a parking lot, Piatt said. A preliminary autopsy listed blunt force trauma as the cause of death.

The little girl, 3 or 4 years old, was taken to a hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

The driver, who got away from the crowd, is cooperating with investigators, police said.

Baby's Death Tied To Taped-On Pacifier

A woman was charged with manslaughter in the death of her 4-month-old son after she told authorities she taped a pacifier to his mouth to keep it from falling out.

Bonnie M. Desmond, 19, was charged Tuesday in the death of Noah James Petersen. Bail was set at $500,000.

"The only thing I can think of is I taped the pacifier to keep it from falling out. I didn't know it would hurt him, or I wouldn't have done that," Desmond told police, according to the reports.

OK, I'm no expert...but if this is the degree to which we humans have evolved, I vote that we end the debate now. Spending time debating lofty notions seems rather pointless when evidence abounds that we share this existence with the ones described above...that have little, if any, respect for humanity.

While I'm ranting, situations of this nature also remind me why I'm frequently baffled by people who contend that life is sacred at the moment of conception. Let me be clear. I accept their right to that belief and I understand the basis of such beliefs...I just can't get too excited when we are surrounded by abject disregard and a lack of human decency for living, breathing, and birthed humans.

Is that relative ethics? Perhaps. Regardless, I'm content to argue that, until we find the wherewithal to sanctify the human beings already in our midst, I simply haven't the energy to spend on defending the viability of accidental or unwanted pregnancies.

Here's the point. We can ban every single abortion and still remain divorced from our humanity...and until we heal our all too easily demonstrated inhumanity, there will be no palpable advancement in our civility quotient. I find that far too many people are willing to champion abstract causes because they require little more than vocal protestations.

Where is the line of pro-lifers offering to adopt any and all of the children that result from the prevention of an abortion? Where are the pro-life retirees who are offering to baby-sit for single parent women who have foregone an abortion? Where are the collection boxes for pro-lifers to donate cash to provide food, healthcare, and education to the children rescued from abortions?

Frankly, the only lines I see are the lines of people asking me to acknowledge their proximity to morality...people who wear their holiness as a badge while lacking the heart to make real sacrifices to demonstrate their compassion...people who want others to think they are destined for gods blessings because they voted for a candidate that favored the overturning of Roe v. Wade...the same candidate that opposed the revamping of the healthcare system to cover the uninsured...the same candidate that voted against a minimum wage increase for a decade...the same candidate that thinks we have no business sending troops to Darfur but blindly supports our president's Iraq fiasco.

I've said it before and I'll say it again...I love words...but I love them for what they mean; not simply for one's ability to string them together into a ration of rhetoric. Our society has become far too comfortable with hollow platitudes and far too removed from tangible actions. We have become a collection of nouns that lack the willingness to attach ourselves to meaningful verbs. That, my friends, is a grammatical error of immense proportions.

Daniel DiRito | June 20, 2007 | 1:51 PM
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1 On June 21, 2007 at 10:42 AM, Sherry wrote —

You're right, man hasn't evolved at all.If anything, he has devolved, become more and more bestial in his actions.As he has come to worship the Almighty Dollar ahead of anything else,as he has become fearful of anything and everything different than himself,as his world has expanded only on the internet and he doesnt even know his neighbors name,he has become a creature who poisons his own children with pollutants,and destroys his own world with war.I told someone just last night-common sense doesn't exist anymore,only greed.Mans selfishness has grown beyond the bounds of reason.That's why even knowing it's dangerous, you still see people driving while talking on cell phones,or driving drunk.That's why you see people more concerned with how much they earn than with making sure thier children are safe.

The mother who taped the pacifier to her kids face probably genuinely meant no harm.She was never taught NOT to do something like that. I bet she, herself was a product of being raised in a daycare center.Parenting is learned by example,and when there is no parent teaching the child, from birth, what to do and how to do it, of course that child will never learn not to do something so rediculous as taping that pacifier down.

And when a crowd sees a little girl get hit by a car, then sees some man get out and talk to the child, who knows what goes through thier minds.Do they think he's trying to kidnap the child? Or do they fear he will get back in his car and drive off if the child seems ok?No one ever taught them NOT to go after the person they percieve to be the bad guy.They've learned not to depend on the police to get there quickly to handle the situation.So they decide, collectively, to handle it themselves.
This is NOT defense for those who are too ignorant to use the brain they have in thier head.It is simply an observation of the behavior they exhibited.I've been observing humankind for many years, and have come to the conclusion that we will never have to worry about some deity deciding to destroy the world- Man is doing a fine job of that all by himself, through lack of common sense, greed, and selfishness.

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