Christopher Hitchens & Al Sharpton On Hardball genre: Hip-Gnosis & Six Degrees of Speculation

The following video clips are of the appearance by Christopher Hitchens and Al Sharpton on Hardball with Chris Matthews. Anyone interested in a discussion of religion and how it relates to politics should enjoy this exchange.

The topic is one that often leads to heated debate. There is a tendency for people to want to take sides...meaning that either Hitchens' must be right or wrong or that Sharpton must be right or wrong. It seems to me that objectivity and impartiality would lead most individuals to find some merit in both sides of any discussion...or at the very least it seems that it is unlikely that one would agree with all the points on any one side of an argument.

The fact that topics of this nature do tend to polarize people ought to help us better understand human nature and lead to open dialogue and discussion that seeks to persuade rather than to impugn. All too frequently, in our search for certainty, we are unable to hear other perspectives that might have relevance. The pursuit of truth should never succumb to fear that the truth we might discover won't reinforce our established beliefs. If we succumb accordingly, we can no longer assert that finding the truth is actually our goal.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

Daniel DiRito | July 1, 2007 | 1:41 PM
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