The National Performs Fake Empire On Letterman genre: Tuned Out & Video-Philes

The National appeared on David Letterman last night and if I were a betting person, I would wager that they are going to be big. The song in the video clip is called Fake Empire and it is from their new album titled "Boxer".

The group originated in Cincinnati and is now located in New York. They have been around for a while and they have a dedicated and distinctive following but they have yet to garner any significant mainstream attention. Their most recognized album, "Alligator", earned them notable acclaim for an independent album.

The group has a sound that is hard to describe. Fake Empire is an interesting mix of vocals reminiscent of Crash Test Dummies' Brad Roberts in the groups well known hit, Superman's Song. The instrumentation builds slowly and is led by melodic keyboards which are eventually layered with strings and then the song closes with a slowly expanding and upbeat brass finish...all accompanied by an oddly laced injection of drums.

You can read more about the band on their MySpace page which can be found here. Keep an eye on this band and, by all means, feel free to share your own impressions and feedback.

The National - Fake Empire

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Daniel DiRito | July 25, 2007 | 8:51 PM
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