9/11: "The Falling Man" Should Teach Us To Soar genre: Do Not Resuscitate & Happy Remembrances & Video-Philes

There are numerous ways to remember 9/11...all of which undoubtedly bring back difficult memories of a horrific day and the many vibrant lives which were ended far before their time. I chose to offer the following video of the documentary titled The Falling Man to commemorate this fateful day.

The documentary chronicles what was arguably the most troubling photograph taken on September 11, 2001...the photograph of a man falling from the World Trade Center. The film follows the search to identify this man and tell his story...and in so doing it succeeds in reminding us that there are many ways to understand, interpret, and experience the end of life.

Most of us will never be forced to ponder the decision which was made by the falling man and numerous other individuals on September 11th...a day which started like every other day...a day that forced thousands to face the end of life without the time to prepare... a day that, in many instances, ended without the opportunity to say goodbye to those they loved. Nothing could have prepared them for such a day.

As the documentary reaches its conclusion, the sister of the falling man offers her take on the photo and the act it captured...and frankly, her words are not only bittersweet; they are a testament to the breathtaking beauty and the unyielding uncertainty which accompany the human experience. The falling man, and all who left this world so suddenly, should serve as our constant reminder that this life is a gift to treasure.

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Daniel DiRito | September 10, 2007 | 11:17 PM
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