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In the following video clips, Richard Dawkins shares his views on a wide range of topics surrounding his agnostic beliefs. He offers his opinions on the source of morality for non-believers and dispels the commonly held view that religion is the primary source of morality in our modern world. Dawkins also suggests that atheists have assumed the societal position homosexuals held fifty years ago...meaning that they are often the most reviled or rejected segment of society.

Dawkins also offers his opinion that science and religion are incompatible. In his defense of Darwinian theory, he contends that there is no need to interject notions that a divine being was also involved in the process. Dawkins argues that the beauty of the Darwinian theory is that it explains how we got from a place of simplicity to one of immense complexity without a designer.

One of the more compelling portions of the interview occurs in part four wherein Dawkins explains his harsh criticism of the God that appears in the old Testament. I note this portion because it demonstrates the blind willingness of many individuals to ignore the actual words found in the Bible.

In fact, the interviewer proves Dawkins' point when he insists that Dawkins' views may be too harsh or disrespectful. Unfortunately, the interviewer makes his admonition regardless of the evidence found in the Bible. This inclination to afford blind respect and erroneous attributions to religion is one of the primary criticisms Dawkins voices in his writings.

Richard Dawkins Interview - Part One

Richard Dawkins Interview - Part Two

Richard Dawkins Interview - Part Three

Richard Dawkins Interview - Part Four

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Daniel DiRito | May 19, 2008 | 11:27 AM
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1 On May 21, 2008 at 9:21 AM, Ben in Oakland wrote —

Dawkins point is quite clear, though he does not say it in so many words. For ANY authority to be respected, it must act respectably. The god of the old testament is not a respectable person. If any human behaved as he did, that human would be rightly condemned.

There are many examples, but one of my favorites is the Flood. God decides that humankind is totally corrupt, except for Noah, and resoves to destroy all humanity with a great flood to punish the sinfulness.

All humanity consists of not only the adults, but even the little babies, who could not possibly sin even if they wanted to. Punishing the innocents along with the guilty? Even a school child knows that "THAT'S NOT FAIR".

And all other life on earth gets destroyed as well, life that could not possibly have offended the Big Guy. but they suffer, too.

But who gets saved? A drunkard named noah, whose grandchildren (at least) are (at best) having children with their first cousins.

And of course, the disease organisms, the house fly, the tsetse fly, hookworms, round worms, and all the rest of the evils that afflict mankind.

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