Evidence For The Big Bang Theory In 10 Minutes genre: Hip-Gnosis & Video-Philes

Since so many creationist, intelligent design, strengths and weaknesses, academic freedoms advocates are working to deny evolution and all the science that contradicts their Biblical notion of the origin of the universe, I thought the following video offered a worthwhile presentation of the actual facts that underlie the Big Bang Theory...one of the favorite targets of these faith-based pseudo-scientists.

The bottom line is that science isn't certainty...just as faith isn't fact. The difference is that science only accepts the accumulation of facts to support its theories while theists deny all facts that don't absolutely disprove their faith. One enterprise (science) is committed to the accumulation of more knowledge in hopes of a more certain hypothesis and the other (creation apologists) is only committed to that knowledge which supports its preordained conclusions.

Needless to say, this important distinction, above all else, provides the rationale for rejecting the many iterations of creationism that have been put forth as acceptable scientific theories.

Tagged as: Big Bang Theory, Creationism, Faith, Intelligent Design, Religion, Science, Scientific Method

Daniel DiRito | July 9, 2008 | 2:13 PM
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