Mo Rocca: Peppermint's Tips On Becoming Michelle Obama genre: Tongue-In-Cheek & Video-Philes

OK, Mo's gone off the deep end...which means he's moving into election mode. In the following video, Mo begins by pointing out that the wives of both presidential candidates are beautiful women. From there, he posits that millions of American men are going to want to know how to dress up like these glam gals. To see if this is possible, Mo seeks out the services of Peppermint, a drag queen...hoping to get some insider tips and few tricks of the trade.

In this episode, Dion Flynn (I have no idea where Mo found him) has volunteered to have Peppermint transform him into Michelle Obama. After some work...and plenty of product...Mo introduces the newly "minted" man...woman...Michelle Obama impersonator. Whether she looks fabulous is open to debate. I think the hair and the makeup were a success...but the dress isn't working.

As I watched this video, I started to wonder if Mo may was watching the tele the other night and became inspired when John Waters was reminiscing about all of his old movies and the antics that accompanied them? I'm not sure which channel it was on but I caught the last half of his stand up routine and it made me think about the drag queen of all drag queens...Divine. Taking a look at Mo's outfit and the set...listening the music...the whole drag queen theme...coincidence? Perhaps...but with all the John Waters' kitsch in this video, I'm gonna say there's a good chance he was tuned in.

Tagged as: Divine, Drag, Drag Queens, Humor, John Waters, Michelle Obama, Mo Rocca, Peppermint

Daniel DiRito | July 2, 2008 | 11:00 PM
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