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Have you ever wondered what a modern day slave would look like and how he or she might behave? Ever consider who might be the owners of plantations, staffed by these slaves, if they were "permitted" to exist today? Has it ever crossed your mind that the only thing that's changed since the emancipation proclamation is that it simply became unacceptable to speak of slavery...but by no means prohibitive to seek the virtual enslavement of those who can be so manipulated?

Whether you have or haven't pondered these questions, I'm of the opinion that the following video provides some insight into who might aspire to implement and maintain such a world.

Here's the thing. The actions of those who are intent upon portraying Michelle Obama as the epitome of black rage...a condition predicated upon the notion that the unfortunate mistreatment that was permitted to persist for many years has left "them" permanently hostile to the country that enabled their enslavement...may well be an attempt to invoke the oppression necessary to enact more of the same. We rarely discuss the real motivations of those who put forth these "angry black woman" hypotheses...and who it is they seek to enlist in promoting their unspoken objective to regain and/or retain their role as the noblesse oblige...discretionary as it would undoubtedly be.

Spoken in simple terms, those who seek to undermine the likes of the Obama's do so by pitting those of an economic stature commensurate with that of the slaves or yore (poor uneducated, and economically immobile whites) against those who might be on the precipice of catapulting themselves (educated and economically mobile blacks or their sympathizers) to a status that would afford them the wherewithal to make economic emancipation more than a proclamation.

Wealth and the means to accumulate it remain the core point of contention between those who believe that opportunity is already an equally distributed resource and those who believe that existing wealth is an advantage that makes for a playing field that isn't level. The former cite the occasional "nuevo riche" individual, who has overcome the institutional obstacles, as evidence to cling to the status quo...while the latter ascribe to the belief that the generational perpetuation of wealth is ample evidence that government must be the benevolent agent in light of the false notion that a social conscience is a naturally occurring condition.

One quotation stands out above all others in validating my contention. It comes from the late Jerry Falwell and it cuts through all of the faith-based noise that has been wrapped around the message proffered by the mouthpieces at Fox News and other conservative critics of the Obama candidacy...or should I say character...since that is what they seek to assassinate.

"The whole (global warming) thing is created to destroy America's free enterprise system and our economic stability."

Yes, those who espouse the sanctity of God's creations...and the certainty that his existence offers us an unparalleled opportunity to join him in eternal bliss...are apparently more concerned with preserving our "free enterprise" system and all the opportunities they personally derive from its propagation. You see, in stating as much, Falwell, a frequent purveyor of prejudicial proclamations designed to serve two purposes, reveals the core concerns that are at the heart of the efforts to eviscerate the Obama candidacy.

Those two purposes comprise the essence of modern day slavery. The first is the establishment of an enslavement to religious ideology as defined by those in positions of power...those who craft the constituent wedge issues ( guns, god, & gays to name a few) which are designed to insure the second purpose. That second purpose, the perpetuation of power, and therefore the ongoing retention and accumulation of wealth, is facilitated by the votes of the enslaved faithful...votes they've been convinced will serve in their attainment of the promised riches that accompany an afterlife with the divine master...votes that serve to insure the certainty of power and wealth in this life for their surrogate mortal masters.

In the end, the goal is to sell the elusive and the ethereal to the masses while insuring the tangible and the touchable for the few. We voters can succumb to the bait and switch sophistry that has sustained the insufficient status quo for far too long or we can crush the surreptitious shells that have been used to divide us, one from the other...and emerge from the confines of the conch that continues to whisper sweet nothings in our eternally ensnared ears.

Like children stranded on a deserted island in Lord of the Flies...lost in the erosion of an order which has always been created for us...intrigued by...and on the verge of...a new order...perhaps it's time for us to realize..."Maybe there is a beast....maybe it's only us".

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