The Onion: Mind Games - Half Alive Or Half Way Dead? genre: Tongue-In-Cheek

In the following videos, The Onion delivers reports on two "mind-boggling" studies. The first suggests that young employees are oblivious to office politics and the second suggests that Alzheimer's patients are unaware of their illness.

You get to decide if it's better to be able to tune out one's environment voluntarily or if it's better when it happens with a total lack of awareness.

In my opinion, there are situations when each could be positive or negative. The former works well if the environment will allow it (not likely in an office full of crazed busy bodies). The latter works like a charm if your goal is to literally check out for a while (in this case you get to be the busy body driving everyone else crazy).

Now if someone is researching the means to switch back and forth between the two...while still maintaining one's sanity...I just might sign up to participate in that study.

Study Finds Young Employees Are Tuned Out

Study Finds Alzheimer's Patients Think They're Tuned In

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Daniel DiRito | July 29, 2008 | 4:43 PM
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