McCain 2008: For Tort Reform Before He Was Against It? genre: Polispeak

Time and again we hear the GOP rail against the prevalence of litigation and the costs it foments. When it serves them to accuse the Democrats of being in bed with the American Bar Association, they infer that they oppose frivolous law suits and the burden they place upon those who are forced to defend against them.

When it's part of a political strategy to obfuscate an investigation into the firing of an employee by Sarah Palin, they air-drop attorneys into Alaska to sue everyone in sight.

From Anchorage Daily News:

Five Alaska Legislators, Rep. Wes Keller, Rep. Mike Kelly, Rep. Bob Lynn, Sen. Fred Dyson, and Sen. Tom Wagoner, will file suit in state superior court in Anchorage tomorrow morning (9/16/08) at 9:00 am (Superior courthouse 4th Avenue) against Sen. French, Sen. Kim Elton, Stephen Branchflower and the Alaska Legislative Council in order to halt the investigation of Governor Sarah Palin and others because the investigators have lost the appearance of impartiality required under the Alaska Constitution. The Legislators will ask for declaratory and injunctive relief in the investigation, stating that it is an attempt to use the Alaska Legislative Council to further partisan politics.

The Legislators cite in their lawsuit that the investigation into the firing of former Commissioner of the Alaska Department of Public safety Walt Monegan, led by Sens. Hollis French and Kim Elton, with Stephen Branchflower and the Alaska Legislative Council, is being driven by partisan politics in an attempt to unlawfully smear Gov. Palin and others.

"The Partisan actions of Sen. French, Sen. Elton and the Legislative Council have tainted the investigation beyond the appearance of impartiality required under the Alaska Constitution," said Kevin Clarkson, Esq., of the firm Brena, Bell & Clarkson, P.C., and counsel in the suit.

OK, let's inject some much needed perspective. Prior to her nomination, Sarah Palin was fully cooperating with the much so that there was no need for subpoenas since the governor had agreed to testify voluntarily. Also, keep in mind that the council consists of three Republicans and two Democrats. Step forward to the governor's nomination and the cooperation is nowhere to be found. Instead, Palin...the maverick reformer...wants to move the investigation to an oversight group that consists of individuals she appointed. Yea, I'm feeling the about you?

Don't forget that this is the same candidate who is traveling the country professing her bona fides as a reformer and a strong opponent of the culture of corruption that has plagued Alaska for years. Palin and McCain are the same candidates who are promising to bring an end to the stale status quo in Washington...but apparently that won't happen until they're finished employing those same stale tactics attempting to stall an investigation and win an election.

Look, the promises put forth by the McCain campaign are paper thin. Their actions simply highlight the evolution of John McCain following his failed presidential run in 2000. Eight years ago, John McCain sold his soul in order to complete his ascension to the pinnacle of his party's power pyramid. If he's elected, expect him to do little more than pay the piper.

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Daniel DiRito | September 16, 2008 | 5:04 PM
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