An Interview With Sarah Palin's Secessionist Pal genre:

While Sarah Palin runs around the country questioning Barack Obama's limited contact with Bill Ayers, the Palin family would prefer that voters forego any scrutiny of their anti-American pals.

Take a look at this story on Sarah's pal Mark Chryson, former chair of the Alaskan Independence Party. In the following video, he answers a number of questions. Tell me, how many of you have the same access to your governor as Mr. Chryson reports?

I'm left to wonder what happens if Sarah Palin loses her bid for the vice presidency. Will she return to Alaska and continue her "friendships" with people who want Alaska to be an independent country? If Barack Obama is a "terrorist", isn't Sarah Palin a "traitor"?

How could any patriotic American vote for a candidate that doesn't love her country enough to reject those who are actively entertaining the goal of seceding from the United States Of America.

Who is the real Sarah Palin? When will she answer our questions? Sarah Palin needs to come clean with voters. America can't risk electing someone so secretive.

Tagged as: 2008 Election, Alaska Independence Party, Sarah Palin, Secession

Daniel DiRito | October 9, 2008 | 9:27 PM
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