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July 1, 2006

Heal Thy Self genre: Do Not Resuscitate & Rhyme-N-Reason

The category “Rhyme-N-Reason" is intended to be a place to share poetry that stimulates thoughtful reflection. For me, writing poetry is cathartic. It’s a way to encapsulate a group of feelings or thoughts that might be on my mind such that when I’m done writing, I experience a level of resolve that is both comforting and motivational. It has the same effect for me as listening to a song with which one has a significant connection. It takes you somewhere you’ve been or to something you’ve felt or experienced and allows you to further interpret the intended meaning or the lesson learned. Hopefully this can be a place for readers to pause and reflect on their own thoughts and feelings. Your comments are welcomed as well as any poetry you might want to share.

The following poem, "Heal Thy Self" is about the time we spend in fear which is lost forever. Sometimes in our fear of dying we actually cease living...sometimes in our fear of the unknown, that which is known is the last thing we should embrace. Only when we choose to live without fear do we actually find that which is worth living for...such is the prevailing challenge of life.

Sunset in Rome - 2004


The nurse behind the desk, clock upon the wall
Faces filled with worry, waiting for the call

The waiting room of life, appointments fill the space
The doctor never comes, who will take the case?

Patients seeking solace, the tests are inconclusive
Patiently they wait, life’s answers seem elusive

Life is put on hold, though time can’t be suspended
Going through the motions, while livings all but ended

The script is all she needs, just give her the elixir
The illness is within; she knows they cannot fix her

Afraid to live, afraid to die, the terrors killing you
Medicine man, prophet too, the tarot cards won’t do

Terminally ill without a disease, trapped inside a hole
The waters at your neck, the mind consumes your soul

The ladders standing there, the rope’s within your grasp
The choice is yours to make, don’t let your will collapse

Its time to breathe alone; let life support itself
The message is within; it’s where you find your wealth

The waiting room of life, no one leaves complete
The time you spend is gone, fear will bring defeat

Deaths your last appointment, the body cannot win
Let the spirit fight the battle, the healing will begin

Daniel DiRito | July 1, 2006 | 3:40 PM | link | Comments (0)
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