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Remembering Janice genre: Happy Remembrances & Rhyme-N-Reason

My cousin Janice recently passed away. She was a person who lived a rich and full life. She was funny, witty, intelligent, and worldly. Her laughter and her spirit are indelible and she will be remembered by all those who had the good fortune to cross her path. I wrote this tribute to her a couple of days before her funeral. The sentiment is transferable to any special person you might recall in your life. Happy remembrances!

Remembering Janice

I gathered them up and set them down
As many things as could be found

A laugh, a smile, the glisten of your hair
The you I’ve known had filled the air

I knew you left, I couldn’t sleep
These things you were, I’ll always keep

This place I go within my mind
This place I go that’s hard to find

I found you there with those I know
This place I went is where they go

So many things get left behind
The things you were, these things I find

I wrapped them up, then looked again
These things you left will never end

These things you left will never break
Though nothing more seems hard to take

These things you were, you gave away
These things you give will always stay

The things you are, these things I’ve known
Though you have left, they’re coming home

The thing is this, you’re always near
You’re never gone, your things are here

These things you were, these things you left
These things I love, your lifetime’s gift

Daniel DiRito | December 5, 2005 | 1:25 PM | link | Comments (0)
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Proverbially Speaking genre: He Said, She Said

"Proverbially Speaking" is a recurring posting here at Thought Theater. The intention of the category "He Said, She Said" is to present sayings, proverbs, and quotations that provoke thought. From time to time, I will try to relate them to current events. Having grown up in an Italian family with immigrant grandparents, I had the fortune, over the years, to learn numerous sayings that had been translated from Italian into English. I've long been fascinated by such sayings and proverbs and particularly the lessons they seek to impart. You're encouraged to comment on the ones presented as well as add your own sayings, proverbs, and quotations for discussion. The following is one of my favorites:

This old saying was recited to me on numerous occasions when I sought to make an issue of something that others felt would be best left's akin to another saying...pick your battles well. It goes like this:

"If you kick every stone in the road, the only sure thing you will end up with is a sore toe."

Daniel DiRito | December 2, 2005 | 1:44 PM | link | Comments (0)
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