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I've been looking for a video of Rose Royce singing Wishing On A Star for a long time. Fortunately, one recently appeared on YouTube. Over the years, I've collected memories of friends and family in the form of music they liked or that they introduced me to. This song goes back to 1983 just after I came out to my family.

Shortly after, I moved to Denver and lived with two of my cousins...both gay as well. During that time, Jeff introduced me to Rose Royce and in particular this song. I can still see the actual moment in my head...sitting on the living room floor and looking at the album cover...then listening to this song and instantly loving it. Maybe it was because I desperately needed a star to wish coming out wasn't a pleasant experience and my family had a difficult time coming to grips with my being gay.

I've written about this before...but so often it is the person coming out that has to be strong...even though they are probably the one in greatest need of a kind word or some type of understanding. What amazes me is the fact that gay people somehow summon the strength to survive the process...a fact that I think is a testament to the pull and the power found in at last becoming the person you have always known you were. In many ways coming out is the last of many attempts to save one's life. Frankly, hiding one's identity is akin to suicide though it is a much slower and, in my estimation, a much more painful process.

Anyway, Jeff died a number of years ago but as with so many people I've known, I remember them often and especially through the music that meant the most to them...and became equally meaningful to me.

Rose Royce - Wishing On A Star

Daniel DiRito | May 18, 2007 | 2:17 PM
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1 On May 28, 2008 at 11:08 AM, Nrado Turnbo wrote —

This song is so good

2 On June 13, 2008 at 8:03 AM, Vuthmail wrote —

Thank you guy .....

I never heard this song more than 10 years already , This is a song that makes me drift on and on with happiness and thinking about the old days...

Thank you for the good memory recall

Vuthmail - Thailand

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