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What Goes Around, Comes Around


Hillary Clinton is the projected winner of the New Hampshire primary.

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I'm absolutely fascinated by the fact that the New Hampshire Democratic race remains too close to call. Just when I wanted to conclude that people are for the most part vindictive and spiteful, I find myself surprised by their propensity for fairness. Let me explain.

I've written at length about the obvious bias which has been directed against Hillary Clinton since her defeat in Iowa. The establishment media has circled the wounded Senator Clinton like a flock of vultures waiting to devour the spoils. As tonight has unfolded, I'm beginning to suspect that the voters of New Hampshire decided to voice their displeasure with this lack of fair play.

Look, I'll say it again, I'm fine with anyone being opposed to Mrs. Clinton and her policies and her candidacy...but it would have been virtually impossible to mistake the bias directed at the Senator in the last few days for impartial treatment.

I'm of the mind that voters saw it and didn't like it...especially women...and I for one applaud them and the voters of New Hampshire for sending what appears to be a strong message that they won't tolerate this level of unwarranted vitriol.

I have to say I'm enjoying the opportunity to watch the self-appointed king makers eat crow and stumble to rescind their recent statements and their hasty predictions. In their salivating excitement to see the Senator take a beating, it looks like they'll have to retreat without their tasty treat and with their shameless tails between their legs.

Granted, Hillary may still lose the primary tonight...but the story isn't going to be her inevitable will be that those who wanted it so badly may have delivered just the opposite. Now that's karma for ya!

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