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July 9, 2006

Hedwig & The Angry Inch: Midnight Radio genre: Tuned Out & Video-Philes

One of my favorite movies is Hedwig and the Angry Inch. It’s funny and its sad; its silly and its serious. On the surface the movie is about two people who fall in love and then fall apart. It is actually far more complex. In reality, the movie is about only one person who is struggling to find the second half of him. This song is near the end of the movie and it after the point at which Hedwig has found and consolidated his other half. If you haven’t seen the movie, it is definitely worth renting.

Daniel DiRito | July 9, 2006 | 9:28 PM | link | Comments (0)
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July 1, 2006

David Bowie: Strangers When We Meet genre: Tuned Out & Video-Philes

Daniel DiRito | July 1, 2006 | 10:11 AM | link | Comments (0)
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