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"What Would Bill Buckley Say?" is a recurring posting here at Thought Theater. The intention of the category "Tongue-In-Cheek" is to provide some comical thoughts that might elicit a laugh or two. I've always found it fascinating to listen to William F. Buckley speak. Much of what he says, for me, walks the fine line between intellectual genius and laugh out loud temerity. Given the breadth of his intellect, I've often wondered how often he's made comments simply for the sporting value they might afford. Regardless, this category will attempt to mimic his expansive use of language to satirize current news and events.

This first entry involves an internet flame war that took place last November. The background involved one blogger's participation in a discussion at another blog about the Alito nomination and abortion that spiraled into accusations of trolling, libel, and lawsuits. Paul Deignan of info-theory.blogspot.com, the party accused of trolling and the party bringing forth the potential lawsuit against a pair of Professors, including Wallace Hettle and the owner of the other blog, bitchphd.blogspot.com, became the object of intense debate. His unyielding litigious pursuit of what many felt was merely a common occurence of heated internet banter inspired this tongue-in-cheek entry:

What Would Bill Buckley say about the Deignan, Hettle, Bitchphd flame war?:

Cognizant of the machinations of the psychosocial continuum, I would ask the cynic citizen to consider the juxtaposition of the ephemeral and the esoteric when analyzing Mr. Deignan in the abstract.

Daniel DiRito | February 6, 2006 | 1:16 PM
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