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The category “Rhyme-N-Reason" is intended to be a place to share poetry that stimulates thoughtful reflection. For me, writing poetry is cathartic. It’s a way to encapsulate a group of feelings or thoughts that might be on my mind such that when I’m done writing, I experience a level of resolve that is both comforting and motivational. It has the same effect for me as listening to a song with which one has a significant connection. It takes you somewhere you’ve been or to something you’ve felt or experienced and allows you to further interpret the intended meaning or the lesson learned. Hopefully this can be a place for readers to pause and reflect on their own thoughts and feelings. Your comments are welcomed as well as any poetry you might want to share.

The following poem is called "Circles". I decided to include a video clip from the movie Finding Neverland with this poem because I believe they capture much of the same sentiment. If you've never seen the movie and you plan to at some point you may not want to watch the clip. If you have seen the movie, the clip is the final scene. I loved the movie so I would certainly recommend you see it if you haven't.


Life begins, the curtains rise
A mother smiles, a tear is cried

A step, a word, the flower blooms
Doors are opened, a million rooms

A world of wonder, so much to see
The canvas waits, what will you be?

Quill in hand, the story’s written
The scene is set, reveals what’s hidden

Watch with wonder, the plasters poured
Time and toil, the shape takes form

Wind and weather, they toss the boat
The waters deep, can the spirit float?

The road, the fork, where is home?
Miles are traveled before its known

The roots take hold, embrace the land
A light to follow, perhaps a plan

Familiar steps, we build the net
A job for life, safety’s regret

The spider strikes, the poison flows
The tree is felled, the dream implodes

Look to the light, it flickers still
Missed your turn, but found your will

The paths are many, but one is true
Lights and mirrors, the stage in view

The play of life, so many parts
Choose just one, choose the heart

The play of life, the spirit wins
A child cries, the journey begins

The acts of life, so simple now
But plays must end, so take your bow

Daniel DiRito | May 27, 2006 | 9:31 PM
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