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The category “Rhyme-N-Reason" is intended to be a place to share poetry that stimulates thoughtful reflection. For me, writing poetry is cathartic. It’s a way to encapsulate a group of feelings or thoughts that might be on my mind such that when I’m done writing, I experience a level of resolve that is both comforting and motivational. It has the same effect for me as listening to a song with which one has a significant connection. It takes you somewhere you’ve been or to something you’ve felt or experienced and allows you to further interpret the intended meaning or the lesson learned. Hopefully this can be a place for readers to pause and reflect on their own thoughts and feelings. Your comments are welcomed as well as any poetry you might want to share.

The following poem, "The Dream" is about the uncertainty of life. We often seek meaning and understanding along the way and we struggle to determine if our dreams are realistic goals or merely the musings of the hopeful mind. Some nights bring eager anticipation as our efforts and expectations lead us to believe that tomorrow will bring fruition. Other times we hold onto today in fear that something near and dear will be lost while we sleep. Each day passed brings us closer to knowing the story of our own lives. Each fear we embrace removes us from a portion of our dreams. Nonetheless, each day is met with the relief of knowing that we have the opportunity to dream again.

Sunset at the Vatican - 2004


Am I my dreams or are they me
Visions at night, reminders it seems

Songs out of order, sweet melodies
Blended together, sung out of key

A nightingale’s tale, the day brings hope
A day of despair, the pillows reproach

Wakened by ghosts, sweat on the sheets
Revenge the day, the neighbors you cheat

Joining together, which one deceives
Show me your face, the shadows relief

Crossing the chasm, the bridge is built
Darkened by curtains, nothings revealed

A prophet speaks, a sage brings meaning
Messages given, yet neither completing

A battle is fought, by soldiers quite clever
When victory’s won, what is delivered?

The two sides are wed, one and the same
Awake or dreaming, only spirit sustains

When will it end, what should you fear?
Questions are answers, your truth is near

Life is a dream, have no regrets
The spirit lives on long after that

Death is a dream, rest well my friend
Live without fear, life never ends

Daniel DiRito | June 12, 2006 | 9:24 AM
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