The Devil's Disguise genre: Hip-Gnosis & Rhyme-N-Reason

I wrote the following poem, The Devil's Disguise, while thinking about politics and religion and how those that embrace one or both are often consumed by the power that each can provide. In recent years, the two have become more and more intertwined in our American culture. All too often men and women are called upon by those in positions of authority within politics or religion to make sacrifices that cannot be justified.

In the end, the simple concept of love is far more instructive than either of these human constructs and yet one is often left to wonder if love will prevail. I've often questioned if we humans are more willing to fight for the concept of love or succumb to our propensity to hate. Were politics and religion created to promote love or are they the means by which we seek to legitimize the hatred we harbor? Lastly, if one embraces love above all else, then what actions can be justified in the name of love and at what point do our actions to uphold love corrupt it?

St. Mary's Cathedral in Sydney - 2005

The Devil's Disguise

Half alive and half way dead
I see this life inside my head
But hearts the only path that’s left

Colors on a canvas, the shadow’s relief
Pieces put together, glued with grief
The spirit pushes forward from beneath

Holy men, politicos
Devils in disciple’s clothes
The fire’s wrath begins to grow
Draw the sword, the blood must flow

Love prevails when hate is slain
The weapons used are not the same
The heart is there to fix the brain

Medicinal maggots, corporate magnates
The poisons captured by the dragnets
When loves alive the virus stagnates

Holy men, politicos
Laws are made, imposed
The spirit stirs from its repose
The war is fought, the blood must flow

Twisted words, the tide will turn
Temples fall, the bricks will burn
Another language, its time we learn

The army grows by word of mouth
The devil’s drones begin to shout
A song of love must drown them out

Holy men, politicos
Evil falls like dominos
The spirit speaks the truth it knows
The heart sustains, the blood must flow

Daniel DiRito | October 15, 2006 | 1:18 PM
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