Papal Mache - The House Of Cards genre: Hip-Gnosis & Rhyme-N-Reason

The following poem was written after my visit to the Vatican. While I have my differences with the Catholic Church, anyone who travels to Rome should take the time to visit the Vatican and St. Peter's Basilica. It is truly a spectacular site and one filled with historical significance.

The poem explores many of my issues with the fact that the Church seems to place more weight on preserving the institution than addressing the needs and concerns of its followers. As I was once told, originally there was God and man...and sometime thereafter the church arose. That pretty much summarizes my thoughts about the place of the Church and its belief that people should communicate with God under the guidance of the Church.

St. Peter's Basilica in Rome - 2004

Papal Mache - The House Of Cards

In a plaza made of a million stones
A dynasty stands adorned in gold

A pound of flesh, expose the bones
The price is steep, just pay the toll

The promise is made to slay the beast
The futures forever, you must believe

Hear the words, ignore the deeds
Slight of hand, the message deceives

Gilded statues adorn the grave
Figures carved by men of faith

Cowards live on the blood of brave
The flames you made, you won’t escape

Another invention, you sell redemption
Remove the sins, confess your own

Rape the child, immaculate deception
The hell you made will be your home

Infallible fables are lies the same
Good men of truth, you tried and killed

Preserve the temple, absolve the blame
Your house of cards, that’s all you built

They enter the lair, they genuflect
You pass the tray, without reluctance

From every soul, you must collect
The god you made is now repugnant

True spirits now live in another place
Upon your rock, you sealed your fate

The executioner comes to raise the blade
The end draws near, your long charade

The place called heaven you contemplate
True spirits now stand to block the gate

Daniel DiRito | December 7, 2006 | 12:15 PM
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