Can Love Be Wrong? genre: Rhyme-N-Reason & Uncivil Unions

Since it is Valentine's Day, I thought I would post the following picture and poem. I wrote the poem while traveling and thinking about relationships. Sometimes it's possible for people in relationships to feel more alone than if they were actually not in a relationship. Unfortunately, our society places such a value on being in a relationship that people are often in one without ever examining whether or not it is beneficial to their well-being and if it is actually a source of happiness.

To answer my own question, "Can Love Be Wrong?"…I think the answer is yes it can. The poem explores how it is possible for people to sacrifice themselves for love only to find that the pursuit of love has actually inflicted harm. Facing the pain of knowing that the love we may have pursued or engaged in may actually be far more difficult than coming to grips with the reality of living alone without a love partner. Sometimes learning to be happy alone can be a far better endeavor than struggling through the contortions required to make a bad love relationship seem acceptable and rewarding.

When all is said and done, love is one of those human complexities that will always be explored and studied...though likely never fully understood. Notwithstanding, it will always be sought.

Display signage in Amsterdam - 2004

Can Love Be Wrong?

I’d die for love
And so I will
I’d die for love
Yet love you still

Your chin a quiver
Your brow a frown
Without a word
The curtains down

Tears of travel
They meet your lips
The bond is broken
They seal the script

Mere seconds pass
For years remiss
Life is altered
In just a glimpse

You spoke in silence
The message spilled
I died within
I love you still

And in departure
Your gaze affixed
My eyes were empty
The rain eclipsed

I’d die for love
And so I will
I died in love
I love you still

Where did love go?
Can love be wrong?
I died for love
When love was gone

Daniel DiRito | February 14, 2007 | 12:23 PM
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