BBC - Atheism: A Rough History Of Disbelief 2: 1 - 3 genre: Hip-Gnosis

This is the third in a six part Thought Theater series that replays the BBC three episode documentary, Atheism: A Rough History Of Disbelief. The second part can be found here and the first part can be found here along with my own thoughts on the subject and the objections that were voiced when PBS decided to air the documentary on American television.

Episode Two - Part One

Episode Two - Part Two

Episode Two - Part Three

Daniel DiRito | June 3, 2007 | 12:43 PM
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1 On June 4, 2007 at 7:59 AM, Freedem wrote —

I am constantly struck by how Christian most Western Atheism is. To quote myself "It is not that Atheists have no god that I have a problem with, many religions have no god, but that they have no religion".

Most religions grew up with "belief" in what was "common knowledge" in their time and culture. The God, or gods resided in the most impressive local landmark, and "religion" was seamless with the rest of existence.

As non western societies grew, their religions grew in place, and great thought was spent in the nature of society and the best way to operate within it.

As Rome was a hodgepodge of such groups, and there was a political class that wished to use Religion as a method of creating power for themselves, religion became something separate from location and culture, and took on the need for enforced "belief" in what could be observationally disproved, or illogical, as well as much that seemed unlikely, and self promoting by those in charge.

Some like "Secular Humanists" have attempted to accomplish an Atheistic Religion, and managed the worst of all cases. The most grievous crime perhaps, of attaching the word "Secular" to a religion, and thus giving fundies cause to demand equal time with such Secular pursuits as Chess, or Cricket. But also in its antitheist dogmatism becomes a jihad against other religions and invites the same, but still glosses over those ethics concepts that the Fundies have dodged to keep from accusing themselves.

Confucian thinking is intensely Chinese, and based on an anti Democratic, anti freedom, Imperial mode. It does however offer a glimpse of what a religion can be, that demands no fantasy but an ideal that all humans can aspire to, and methods to make life better for all.

Unfortunately like a Cult that combines celebrating free thought and many opinions, with individual freedom, it is a great challenge to accomplish.

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