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Ivri Lider is an Israeli singer songwriter who, following his success in Israel, has captured the attention of the gay world. His voice and music are ethereal and he sings about love and loss from a gay perspective. His song Jesse has all the making of a classic love song...one about the love one man has for another.

Jesse is included in a new compilation, Revolutions, released by Music With A Twist, a Sony/Columbia Music LGBT label. Lider's music is symbolic of the changing environment of gay culture and its acceptance and emergence into the mainstream.

No doubt Lider isn't the first artist to sing about love with someone of the same sex...but he may be one of the first to do so with the raw and vivid emotional imagery that has been seemingly reserved for songs about boys and girls.

I've included a second song, a cover or the classic The Man I Love. I would also recommend finding and listening to Offer Nissim's remix of Lider's cover of the Moody Blues classic Nights In White Satin...a blend of beautiful vocals, subtle and haunting electronics, and a great dance riff.

Ivri Lider - Jesse

Ivri Lider - The Man I Love

Daniel DiRito | June 21, 2007 | 8:02 AM
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