Change The Chains genre: Rhyme-N-Reason

I wrote the following poem while thinking about how our choices establish our fundamental connection to the freedoms we hold. All too often fear and hesitation keep us from embracing those freedoms...and in that fear we not only fail to become the person we envision we will be in the future, we lessen what we are in the here and now.

The poem also talks about the shortness of life and how easily time can pass and we can find ourselves lacking the will to enact and accept change. Life is a risk and those who want to live it to the fullest understand that dynamic...those who avoid risk may be doing little more than limiting the living they do.

Lastly, life is often a random chain of events which we cannot alter...but those moments when we do exert influence, if we leap to action, we often find untold happiness. In knowing as much, we can "Change The Chains".

Outside the Sydney Opera House - 2005

Change The Chains

Locked in place without a chain
The verse submits to the long refrain

The roots attach to the barren soil
Yet each one rejects the others toil

At loggerheads with the pensive me
While saplings are scattered aimlessly

The links to life become the tether
Sarcophagus lips are clenched together

Irony laughs as the crevasse grows narrow
The chortle echoes when the will meets harrow

The cycle is broken with a simple leap
The purpose you live will soon bury the grief

The choices you make need not slay the past
But the cautious will die before the dice are cast

The melody’s found when the voice is unfettered
Refrain is replaced when the spirit gets better

Let the song of your soul be all that you speak
The chain of events is the freedom you seek

Tagged as: Freedom, Poetry, Risk, Self-determination

Daniel DiRito | August 5, 2007 | 9:43 AM
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