The Daily Show Serves O'Reilly A Can Of Whoop Ass genre: Tongue-In-Cheek & Video-Philes

The Daily Show takes Bill O'Reilly to task on his racially insensitive remarks. O'Reilly's comments followed his visit to Sylvia's Restaurant in Harlem with Rev. Al Sharpton. After Jon Stewart sets the table in the first video clip, Larry Wilmore cleans the plate.

Wilmore provides a "man on the street" report which takes the apparent ignorance of O'Reilly to its extreme in order to emphasize the absurdity of Bill's blundering blabber. It is one of the funniest Daily Show correspondent reports I've seen this year.

As I watched the Wilmore report, I kept imagining Bill O'Reilly sitting in front of his TV, his jaw locked down on a loofah, growling with rage at the ridicule being directed at his fragile, yet fully inflated ego. Yes, I confess...I then laughed hysterically at the possibility that it may well be true.

Jon Stewart Attempts To Explain Bill O'Reilly's Views

Black Correspondent Larry Wilmore's Visits Sylvia's

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Daniel DiRito | September 28, 2007 | 10:43 AM
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