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Leslie Feist, who performs as Feist, appeared on Saturday Night Live last evening. Feist is a Canadian who has performed in a number of bands but surprisingly gained her fame in the United States following the use of her song 1234 in a commercial for Apple's iPod Nano.

The song is from Feist's third album titled The Reminder. I think 1234 is very reminiscent of the song, Fidelity, by Regina Spektor. Feist has a long history of collaborating with other artists and it no doubt has added to her interesting sound. Her work is primarily driven by her vocals which offer a blend of jazz and folk influences...all delivered with a quiet, yet piercing and pure, clarity.

The first video is of her performance on Saturday Night Live last night and the second video is from a performance on The Late Show a couple of months back. I find it interesting to see how the song is "packaged" for the two different demographics.

Feist Performs 1234 On SNL

Feist Performs 1234 On David Letterman

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Daniel DiRito | November 4, 2007 | 11:56 AM
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