Bill Maher: New Rules 02/29/08 genre: Tongue-In-Cheek & Video-Philes

You won't see Bill Maher present a set of "New Rules" like this for many years...four to be exact since he delivered them on February 29th. I know, I know, I should leave the funny stuff to Bill, but I couldn't resist.

Anyway, Bill takes on the absurdity of Congress pursuing the use of steroids in baseball while ignoring the actions of the former Attorney General, Alberto Gonzales. So much for tackling the issues that matter most to Americans.

Bill goes on to lament the fact that television manufacturers have taken to hiding the power button on the front of their sets, the never ending scourge of viral outbreaks on cruise ships and the drug industry using television to sell their products.

Maher follows with a lengthy statement on the attempts to portray Barack Obama as a Muslim al Qaeda sympathizer. Maher points to the recent swarm over the picture of Obama in traditional garb during a visit to Kenya. Bill shows us some similar pictures to point out how common it is to do so.

He closes by taking on the right wingers who have tried to undermine Obama's patriotism. Maher points out the willingness of many in the GOP to lie about their adversaries because they know it works with a large segment of the population...a group Maher refers to as "morons".

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