Bill Maher: New Rules 03/07/08 genre: Tongue-In-Cheek & Video-Philes

Maher hits it out of the park with another round of New Rules. He makes fun of politicians eating on the campaign trail...taking a swipe at Senator Larry Craig's bathroom escapades and John McCain's age. He moves on to the sham election in Russia and offers a title for Putin's new book, the Japanese obsession with creating lifelike robots, and the absurdity of Nicole Richie's celebrity status.

Maher spends the remainder of his time on the 2008 election and the recent spate of negative attacks. He voices his concern that voters listen to and accept the manufactured assertions contained in these ridiculous ads. All too often, the strategy is to simply state a lie and wait for voters to propagate it as truth.

It's hard to argue with Maher's premise that voters are often morons, though I tend to think they aren't actually stupid; just willing to say and do whatever it takes to elect the candidate that shares their same beliefs...even if that means making up outlandish lies about the other candidates.

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