Bill Maher: New Rules - 03/28/08 genre: Tongue-In-Cheek & Video-Philes

Bill's take on high gas prices by adding an "X" to Exxon...and the outcome means someone is bound to get screwed. Maher assails those who criticize Jessica Alba for not being bilingual...though that doesn't mean he's opposed to her being "Bi".

He goes on to ridicule college drinking games that have abandoned the use of beer in favor of root beer, Yoko Ono for her insistence that she knows what John Lennon would have wanted, the trend of Democratic politicians to grow beards following failed election bids, and Tampa Bay school teachers who seem to be predisposed to trysts with their students.

He closes by comparing Bill Clinton to a farm that involves seed planting...but not the kind that is found on an interns blue dress.

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