700 Club: Blacks Who Vote Democratic Will Be Punished By God? genre: Hip-Gnosis & Polispeak

In the following video clip, former 700 Club co-host Ben Kinchlow tells Pat Robertson that African Americans who vote for a party that supports "evil deeds" are partaking in those deeds and God will judge them accordingly. Robertson concludes the discussion with a resounding "Amen".

The problem with Kinchlow's argument is that he ignores any analysis of the GOP and focus's entirely on the Democratic Party. Then again, evangelicals have aligned themselves with the GOP on the basis of the few issues that secure funding for the church and votes for the party.

Hence, men like Kinchlow and Robertson constantly invoke the need to oppose abortion and same-sex marriage...while seemingly ignoring the fact that the GOP supports inequitable tax cuts for the wealthy, opposes a system of universal health care, and believes that climate change is a fabrication.

Apparently men like Kinchlow and Robertson have access to God's hierarchy of political issues and the punishment that accompanies a failure to adhere to that hierarchy...as directed by God's self-appointed emissaries, of course.

In my opinion, the church should either provide an objective analysis of both parties positions or it ought to refrain from engaging in partisan politics altogether. When leaders of this ilk embark upon a mission to selectively rank the policies that are inconsistent with church teachings, they are, in my opinion, violating the relevant provisions of their tax exempt status.

I wonder how God feels about those who routinely skew the facts to further their own agenda? I doubt he appreciates witnessing a group of self-serving impostors pretending to represent him when they lack the ability and the authority of an omniscient overlord. Yes, someone is practicing plantation politics...and in this case it is the manipulative messengers.

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