Religion: The Antidote To Science & Critical Thought genre: Hip-Gnosis

In the following video, the folks at Focus On The Family are touting the passage of a bill, The Louisiana Science Education Act, in the Louisiana state legislature that will "allow" science teachers to "promote critical thinking about scientific theories (teach intelligent design) as well as introduce supplemental textbooks and other instructional materials (Bibles).

Everything associated with this agenda makes me ill. I'm happy to allow people to have their religious beliefs...but not at the expense of science education in our schools. Anyone that wants to believe the Bible is the word of God should be free to attend any church of their choice...and engage in any level of fantasy and denial they desire.

On the other hand, I simply can't embrace a movement to alter the science curriculum in our schools that is really nothing more than an effort to teach ignorance and irrationality.

Little did I know that the "dumbing down" of America was one of the leading priorities of the religious right. Then again, I should have realized that stupid is as stupid does.

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Daniel DiRito | June 14, 2008 | 8:37 AM
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