Ask A Republican Pundit: Is McCain Erratic? genre: Polispeak & Video-Philes

If you want to get a reading on the validity of the assertion that the McCain campaign has been erratic, there's no better source than his fellow Republicans. In the following video compilation, you'll see a number of leading Republicans express their doubts about the inconsistent nature of the McCain campaign.

If hardcore GOP operatives are willing to go on the record in this manner, can you imagine what they're saying when the camera is off? Should Obama will this election, it will be interesting to hear the GOP elite's unfiltered views on the McCain candidacy.

I suspect the bickering is going to get much worse before it gets better. In the end, Karl Rove's vision of generational GOP dominance seems to have been more fantasy than fact. Something tells me the story of the GOP for the next few years will be more akin to A Nightmare On Elm Street than a feel-good saga on the order of Back To The Future.

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Daniel DiRito | October 15, 2008 | 12:16 PM
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