(G)irls (O)n (P)arade: Fembots, Fashion, & Frau Fey genre: Polispeak & Tongue-In-Cheek

Recent Republican campaign events seem to suggest that the GOP has decided to relegate the heavy lifting to the likes of Cindy McCain and Sarah Palin. It's as if Gramps has lost his mojo or lacks the stomach to spout the slights that so easily exit the lipsticked lips of his high heeled sidekick, Sarah. Take a look at Cindy calling out Barack Obama earlier today.

Perhaps Old McJohnny needs to check his Calvin Kleins to see if he still has his cantankerous cojones. I'm sure if he asked Sarah, she'd be happy to have the First Dude give him some lessons in snow machine machismo. After all, a frolic in the frigid wilderness might boost McDoo-da's boudoir bona fides with Cindy "cold chill through her body" McCain.

Speaking of the beer-bottlin-beauty, if Barack Obama takes her up on her challenge to "change shoes with her", Daddy-dang-dang-wants-the-dough might have to pony up to buy his haughty heiress a new pair of shoes...and we know Cindy "cash register" McCain is into highfalutin haute couture.

Back to Barracuda Barbie, it seems like she's finally decided to let her hair down...literally and figuratively. Betcha by golly wow, she's gonna do some more doggone interviews with Faux News...and there's rumblings she might make a cameo appearance on SNL. Given the fact that she's abandoned her Betty-the-beautician coiffure in favor of becoming a Breck-Girl-Gone-Wild persona non grata politician, it may be tough for Tina Fey to continue to imitate our impish Alaskan icon.

Then again, how hard can it be to pretend to be someone pretending to be someone they're not, eh?


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Daniel DiRito | October 8, 2008 | 6:24 PM
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