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June 7, 2007

I've Met My Self genre: Rhyme-N-Reason

I've always been fascinated with identity and awareness...perhaps that is why I studied psychology in college. I wrote the following poem while pondering the nature of one's identity and how one comes to understand the nature of its many components.

It seems to me that we're prone to assume that self awareness is a given...something that we possess automatically. Unfortunately, I'm of the opinion that isn't the case. In fact, I suspect getting to know one's self may be as difficult, and perhaps more difficult, than getting to know another person. I say that because what we do know about ourselves enables us to ignore or deny those elements that frighten or frustrate us.

Its as if we know enough about ourselves to be able to avoid knowing more...which allows us to function at a level of self awareness of our own choosing...even if that level lacks the depth that comes from objective self examination and the willingness to face our fears and shortcomings.

I'm reminded of the many conversations I've had with friends and family who have expressed disappointments with relationships. When asked my opinion about a particular relationship or relationships in general, my first observation is to posit that perhaps we all spend too much time trying to figure out the other person...and I usually follow it up by suggesting that many relationships fail because most people don't really know who they are so they seek out external understandings for the internal anxiety that is created by the avoidance of self awareness.

That doesn't bode well for a stable relationship because the internal anxiety that is hidden...but likely a driving force...is unpredictable which no doubt leaves the relationship vulnerable. In the end, I think all relationships would be enhanced if we first took the time to better understand ourselves. I realize that is a process that unfolds throughout one's life...but just maybe we should spend a little more time alone with ourselves before jumping into relationships and commitments that we may not be ready to maintain.

Anyway, feel free to share you own insights and observations and I hope you'll enjoy the thoughts expressed in the following poem titled, I've Met My Self.

Store signage in Vienna - 2004

I've Met My Self

Without a thought
The words left my mouth…
I’m more who I am than I ever was
How could I be someone I’d been?
When being my self is all that exists
Who had I been when I wasn’t me?
How could it be that I couldn’t see
Why I could be someone I wasn’t?
It seems the truth of me was often elusive
Can I be with me or are they both exclusive?
If I know my self, can we get along?
When we are together, do we both belong?
Those who inhabit the me that I am
Together become what I understand
The mergers we make with the partners inside
Set into motion the will to decide
To be who we are no matter the cost
When all is embraced, nothing is lost
I am all that I was and I was all that I am
The words that I spoke are the me I invoke
My thoughts have become the life I’ve begun
I’m more who I am than I ever was…
I’m more who I am than I can become

Daniel DiRito | June 7, 2007 | 9:28 PM | link | Comments (0)
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