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September 23, 2008

John McCain: Confusing Times Call For A Confused Leader? genre: Polispeak & Tongue-In-Cheek & Video-Philes

John McCain promises to bring change to Washington. Unfortunately, the change he offers is little more than a change in his positions in the hopes of achieving political advantage. Beyond that, I suspect John McCain's idea of change is also subject to his petulant temperament.

In the following video, we get to see a candidate who is seemingly confused by his own willingness to flip flop positions at the drop of a hat. Truth be told, John McCain isn't old; his attempt to hoodwink the public with slogans lifted from his opponent is old...and tired.

Following the video, I've included a tongue-in-cheek graphic that summarizes the kind of "change" voters could expect from a McCain presidency.


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Daniel DiRito | September 23, 2008 | 12:04 PM | link | Comments (0)
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September 6, 2008

The Daily Show: The Republican National Convention genre: Hip-Gnosis & Polispeak & Tongue-In-Cheek & Video-Philes

They say it's the truth behind the humor that makes it so funny. In the following videos, The Daily Show proves this premise beyond a shadow of a doubt.

This past week, Jon Stewart and his cohorts traveled to Minneapolis-St. Paul to cover the Republican National Convention. As it turns out, it's what they uncovered that will make you howl with laughter. Then again, given the gravity of the upcoming election, it could also make you cry. Go figure!

The John McCain Bio

Small Town Values

Sarah Palin

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Daniel DiRito | September 6, 2008 | 5:55 PM | link | Comments (0)
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A Latent Homosexual Makes The Case For Accepting His Homosexuality? genre: Gaylingual & Hip-Gnosis & Video-Philes

He doth protest too much! This is one of the most amazing interviews I've seen in a long time. In the following video, this guy, Ryan Sorba, begins by asserting that Barack Obama is a pro-sodomy activist and then proceeds to offer a scripted diatribe on the origins and evils of homosexuality.

The truth of the matter is that he typifies the Christian mindset that simply cannot get past their own obsessions with all things sexual...and in Ryan's case...all things gay. I would love to know where he gathered all of his opinions...because he sounds like the kind of person who grew up going from one Jesus Camp to another.

It wouldn't surprise me in the least if he's entertained being a minister, spent time in a seminary, and battled homosexual desires his entire life. The level of fear and loathing he exhibits externally has to come from an internal struggle of immense proportions. The gayness of others simply cannot elicit this much attention from a well-adjusted individual.

Frankly, if I thought I should be straight...and my choices were between being gay and being a programmed robot like Ryan...I'd learn to accept my homosexuality. This is the kind of guy that Dan Savage talks about...who ends up in a public restroom having sex with a man...or when caught...proclaims that he has a wide stance.

The frightening part of this entire situation is knowing that this guy was found at the Republican National Convention. Should there be any doubt as to the absolutely absurd ideologies that are held by a number of Republicans, here's the evidence. Heaven help us...this is the kind of lunatic we're up against. Utterly Unbelievable!!

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Daniel DiRito | September 6, 2008 | 5:10 PM | link | Comments (3)
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Community Organizers: The Nation's Backbone genre: Polispeak & Video-Philes

Apparently some small town mayors have little knowledge of community organizers. On the other hand, that's not fair to the countless mayors who do get it. Yes, Sarah Palin's snide remark drew rousing cheers from the GOP faithful...but I suspect that her attempt at sarcasm may have the opposite effect come November 4th. It seems rather ironic that the McCain campaign wants to portray Barack Obama as an elitist...while ridiculing the very work that clearly suggests he isn't one.

Perhaps we're talking about the difference between those with backbones and those who slither about without them, eh? Perhaps I'm just confusing a pit bull with a python? Nothing a little lipstick won't fix, right?

Perhaps if Barack Obama could have done his community organizing in the McCain's private jet...while wearing outfits that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars...and feeding a drug habit on the non-profits dime...with a married woman in tow as his adulterous girlfriend...and with an unwed pregnant daughter...Republicans could see fit to honor his service. Nah, morality and values must be upheld...we just can't have those sinful and militant homos destroying the family.

Then again, even though Barack Obama makes a point of honoring John McCain's military service, we just can't expect the GOP to do the same with community service. If Barack would just admit that being the chosen one is reserved for POW's, I'm sure the GOP would reconsider. In the meantime, John McCain needs a pit bull with lipstick to sling his shit...because he can't lift his arm that high...because he was injured when he was a POW. Did I mention he was a POW in Hanoi...who was tortured. Oh, and she was a small town mayor. That's all you need to know.

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Daniel DiRito | September 6, 2008 | 4:19 PM | link | Comments (0)
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