Eternal Inequality genre: Gaylingual

Bills have been introduced in both the House and the Senate to limit the protests of military funerals conducted by Fred Phelps and his clan of hatemongering zealots. Senator Evan Bayh [D-IN] and Representative Michael Rogers [R-MI] are the sponsors of these two bills. While I despise Phelps, I find the introduction of this legislation troubling. First, as much as I object to these protests, I doubt if the bills will withstand Constitutional review. With that said, I find something else far more troubling.

Phelps and his clan have been protesting funerals for years...primarily funerals of gay men. Apparently when that didn't get them enough attention, they decided to go after fallen soldiers. Nonetheless, the pain and suffering from these despicable protests began long ago. Unfortunately, the outrage is noticeably late for the many mourners who had to previously endure this horror.

I appreciate the sentiment shown by these elected officials but I can't help but feel, that by acting now, they will be making a value judgment, albeit less incendiary than that of Phelps...yet still a hurtful judgment. Those gay men and their families and friends who endured these vile attacks will be left to conclude that the dignity of their loved ones is inferior to that of a fallen soldier. Sadly, some Americans believe this. Worse yet, passing bills that demonstrate as much in writing will simply add insult to the injury already administered by Phelps and his followers. Can we justify making inequality eternal?

Daniel DiRito | April 20, 2006 | 5:12 PM
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