Keith Olbermann Reenacts The Larry Craig Arrest genre: Tongue-In-Cheek & Video-Philes

Keith Olbermann uses the actual police report from the arrest of Senator Larry Craig to create a video reenactment of the incident. Nothing like pictures to tell a story.

Perhaps the Senator can get his hands on a video camera and produce his own reenactment. It couldn't be any more harmful than his "thanks for coming out" press conference.

On second thought, I'm not sure the Senator wants to be seen in a men's restroom with a video camera...after all, there must be a limit to the times a guy can deny that he's gay.

Dragnet: Larry Craig

Tagged as: Countdown, Keith Olbermann, Larry Craig, LGBT, Minneapolis Airport, U.S. Senate

Daniel DiRito | August 29, 2007 | 8:17 PM
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