Keith Olbermann Special Comment On Bush & Iraq genre: Just Jihad & Video-Philes

Another scathing indictment of the President and his failed policy in Iraq. Olbermann uses words taken directly from the President's latest biography to point out the deceit, the contradictions, and the degree to which being right has completely overwhelmed this President's ability to facilitate the best interests of the country.

Olbermann notes that those who are valiantly serving in the military are being used as pawns in the President's manipulations to force his misguided will upon his successor and the American people.

Olbermann again calls for the resignation or impeachment of the President...suggesting that the country can ill-afford to allow the President to "play out" his remaining 500 days in office.

H/T to Hoffmania for the video

Tagged as: George W. Bush, Impeachment, Iraq, Keith Olbermann, Special Comment, U.S. Military

Daniel DiRito | September 4, 2007 | 11:38 PM
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