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Traffic sign in London - 2004
Shouldn't You Tell Me Where You Want To Go Before I Give You The Way?

Daniel DiRito | May 28, 2008 | 9:26 AM
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1 On June 25, 2008 at 12:08 PM, James Sorrell wrote —

~~~Open Letter to Tibet~~~
The human race is divided into zillions of *causes,
and by design of the oligarchs & dark forces, none
accomplish their goal because only United humanity can
succeed {*like many "spigots" on a pressure cooker
releasing accumulating human endeavor into "dead-end
streets", so that things don't change, it just seems
to be under way......}!
Therefore, all humans (or just those in a
person's country) must have one cause which overrides
all others.....{that 'cause' is Love, I mean the real
thing, where we all look out for each other, instead
of ourselves first!}
To begin with, how trusting people would be of
us, if we ended suicide/impulsive depression,
permanently~much the way polio was eliminated in the
US...the cause was discovered, and the invading
"virus" was killed and turned into a "vaccine"~
SUICIDE VACCINE, a figure of speech [a life
preserver made up of words that saved many from
Hurricane's Katrina/Rita/Wilma} is the first domino to
fall that begins to free the human race for a chance @
a real life for a change.
It teaches people how to defend themselves and
begin to eliminate negative influences from our
existence....the only way to have a life! The vast
majority of the human race is seconds away from
destroying itself, long before any of your "causes"
even begins to make a dent!
Help spread this appeal, especially the web
addresses, and people will have a chance to wake up
from their current, arrogant, comatose condition; then
we can really accomplish something that we can all
benefit from, equally!
Many people are dying around you on the city
streets......homeless & un-loved/wanted; and, as long
as we ignore those around us, we can't expect our
fondest dreams to come true!!!~
~~~Love is what you do for ALL others that is in their
highest or best interests, anytime, anywhere,
self-lessly 24/7~~~
Jim Sorrell
Please spread this to Tibetan students, to Tibetans,
and to all students that you can influence~~~
This is for ALL you know......please help me spread
this to save lives......this is NOT "religion", this
is Reality, objective reality!
------->"Suicidal thoughts, up since Katrina, PTSD
survey says........"
------->>WASHINGTON (AP)----"Using anti-depressants
Increases the risk of Suicidal thoughts and behavior
among young people"----
------->>>"Suicide rate among girls skyrockets 76%,
says Centers for
Disease Control & Prevention"<<<-------
Please help me save young [ & old] lives, now
Help spread these volunteer sites [NO $$$ asked]
planet-wide and express real
empathy!~~~Impulsive Depression/Suicide is Endable!
~~~~~SUICIDE VACCINE~~~~~[It works, which is the only
point, Eh?!]
Wisdom for Teens
[~~~All groups:::5 permanent monographs & no chat~~~
like, "Who are YOU?!?" , "The useless War of the
Sexes" and "LOVE is
the Real Thing".] [My
first web
Jim Sorrell [CaptainChurch]
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Be a Good
"Love your neighbour as yourself."--->>>means, see to
it that your
neighbour has it just as good as you do,
"Who is my neighbour?"....EveryOne on the planet!
All humans born are @ least 33rd or 34th cousins [from
Noah's 3 sons: we are All related family!]

James Sorrell [CaptainChurch]
971-239-1811 {messages}
Salem, Oregon or

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