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When you really study the mindset of religious conservatives, one of their primary motivation is making sure they hold onto their money and that means they rarely ever connect taxation with the notion that the government serves as a safety net for those in need. Rather than step up and fill the void for those in need, groups like Focus On The Family instead make silly videos like the one that follows...videos that suggest that half the country wants to live off the hard work of the other half.

Which leads me to wonder what exactly is the mission of religious organizations like Focus On The Family? Ironically, these are the same groups that are afforded tax exempt status by the government on the premise that they provide some of the services that may otherwise be an additional burden for the government to assume.

Now I could be wrong, but it seems to me that this would include helping the poor (think outreach programs like food banks), helping those who may not be able to afford health care (think hospitals run by religious orders), and providing educational services (think parochial schools). In other words, in exchange for no tax burden, the government can expect these organizations to assist in providing valuable services to the citizenry.

So when I see organizations like Focus On The Family railing against liberalism (translated to mean welfare programs), it seems to me that these people want their cake and eat it too. Which brings me to proselytizing and their efforts to promote legislation that comports with their Biblically based beliefs.

My impression is that these groups are willing to offer assistance in return for an allegiance to their beliefs. Providing services to those who may think differently or not share their same values isn't of interest to them. Hence, when the government elects to spend tax dollars (which means THEIR money) on people without regard for moral imperatives or religious beliefs, they would prefer to shut those programs down.

In the end, one can only conclude that these people see money as the means to impose their beliefs. It's the equivalent of the principle of "he who has the gold, writes the rules". That brings me to hypocrisy. These are the same people who insist that salvation cannot be attained without an acceptance of Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, I struggle to see how many of these religious organizations and their followers are measurably connected to the principles that Jesus taught.

Yes, they invoke his name as part and parcel of a marketing campaign...but once they get the convert and his or her cash...the buck stops there...right in the pockets of men like James Dobson...until it can be used to promote the theocratic (and autocratic) society they yearn to rule.

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Daniel DiRito | June 5, 2008 | 10:30 AM
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1 On June 5, 2008 at 5:15 PM, Steve - Geneva, IL wrote —

Barack Obama is the only candidate with a clear born again conversion experience. The FOF hypocrites need to keep this in mind. It always seems to me that their definition of "true Christian" is someone who acknowledges he is a sinner, has received Christ in his heart and trusts Him to forgive all of his sins.*

*also must be anti-abortion and think that there should be no policy that might possibly benefit gay people or allow them to be treated fairly.

Come to think of it, seems like the caveat is becoming more important to them.

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