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If you're not familiar with Newsmax, suffice it to say that it is a right leaning internet that routinely spouts Republican talking points. I signed up for their email alerts a couple years ago and while I rarely read their rhetoric, I occasionally come across an item that defines the right as it really is...not as it is portrayed to be.

All too often, the right leads with faith...a carefully calculated move to attract a loyal base that rarely questions the decisions, or the policies, of the GOP. An even larger motivation is to separate these followers from large amounts of currency. Don't get me wrong, both parties are always looking for cash...but the manner in which the GOP goes about getting it has always amused me. Take a look at the following excerpts and I'll resume my commentary below.

How destructive to the U.S. economy would a Barack Obama presidency be?

An exclusive Newsmax analysis warns: There could be a very rough time ahead.

Beneath Obama's flowery rhetoric lies a dangerous economic plan that will wreak havoc on the American economy.

Obama plans to return to the failed policies of high taxation coupled with an expansion of government spending.

Worse, Obama says he is absolutely committed to almost doubling the capital gains rate -- something he will easily accomplish with a Democrat Congress.

In the coming months -- when investors realize that Obama will raise the cap gains rate -- there could be a stampede of asset sales as investors rush to take their profits now to avoid Obama's doubling of the tax rates next year.

All of these issues and more are explored in Newsmax magazine's special report "Obamanomics -- the Coming Tax-and-Spend Nightmare," by Wall Street Journal columnist John Fund.

This Newsmax magazine special report gives Americans the first in-depth look at the Democratic presidential candidate's likely strategies -- and how they will affect not just the larger economy, but your personal wealth as well.

OK, so you start to get the picture...Obama and the Democrats are going to take money out of your pocket and give it to those who aren't willing to work hard for their money. If that were the end of it, I'd probably brush it off as typical Republican propaganda. While it is propaganda, it's also the entree to the real sell something to the alarmed reader...something that will help them keep more of their precious money. The following excerpt is part of the same email alert...and it is typical of many of the sites that "serve" those on the far right.

If you are concerned about your wealth and family's financial well-being -- and that the American economy remains strong -- you must read this special report and share it with friends and family.

Check out our FREE Offer for this Special Report -- Go Here Now.

The new edition of Newsmax magazine is also hitting newsstands across the country, including many Barnes & Noble, Hastings, Follett, B.Dalton, Books-A-Million, Joseph Beth and other major bookstores, as well as Publix, Meijer, Kroger's, Wegman's, and Harris Teeter supermarkets, Hudson News and Host airport newsstands, and Sam's Club stores.

PLUS: If you order online, check out our FREE offer -- the Emergency Radio -- a $35 value and something every home must have. Go Here Now.

Find out how you can get this report FREE -- PLUS get an Emergency Radio worth almost $35 with our FREE offer. Go Here Now.

This edition of Newsmax magazine is not to be missed.

In addition to hard-hitting investigative reports and special commentary from Dick Morris, John Stossel, Bill O'Reilly, Christopher Ruddy, David Limbaugh, Dr. Laura Schlessinger, Ed Koch, James Hirsen and others, you get much more in Newsmax magazine

Find out why more than half a million people read Newsmax magazine each month.

Better: Be one! Get our "Obamanomics" report and an Emergency Radio with our FREE offer -- Go Here Now.

OK, now that the reader has been told to "Go Here Now" a total of four times, the poor pitiful guy who fears that a Democratic president will take away his wealth is asked to spend some of that wealth learning how to avoid losing it. Oh, and by the way, they're going to include an emergency radio...because the world is on the brink of anarchy should the wrong people gain power.

You see the process here? First they are providing the service of warning the reader that someone wants to take their money...and they assure the reader that they think that's wrong...and if it were to happen, it could get so bad that everything collapses. Now it's time for the pivot...the one that says we're going to need some of your money to tell you how to keep it from the greedy Democrats.

Once you go to the "Go Here Now" site, here's what you will find.

Get a Dynamo Emergency World Band Radio FREE, PLUS Newsmax magazine's special report, "Obamanomics -- the Coming Tax-and-Spend Nightmare" - when you subscribe to Newsmax magazine or renew your subscription - you'll get these special bonuses worth $35!

Subscribe to Newsmax magazine at the discount price and receive two great bonuses FREE:

"Dynamo Emergency World Band Radio" -a $30 value FREE
Obamanomics -- the Coming Tax-and-Spend Nightmare edition of Newsmax magazine - a $5 value FREE

-- plus free shipping!

Subscribe today for a special Internet price and get your FREE bonuses.

Super Offer: - $69.95. Receive 2 years (24 issues) of Newsmax magazine and get a Dynamo Emergency World Band Radio, the "Obamanomics -- the Coming Tax-and-Spend Nightmare" special edition of Newsmax magazine plus Bill O'Reilly's bestselling book "Culture Warrior." - all FREE, a value of $46 plus free shipping!

Great Offer - $39.95. Receive 1 year (12 issues) of Newsmax magazine and receive the Dynamo Emergency World Band Radio plus the "Obamanomics -- the Coming Tax-and-Spend Nightmare" special edition of Newsmax magazine - a $35 value FREE plus free shipping!

You can go to WorldNetDaily and find the same strategy. Look, I realize this is marketing and it happens all the time. What troubles me is that these opportunists are much the same as the politicians they support. They use fear to obtain power and wealth...and they achieve it by duping the voting public. Is it any wonder that George Bush was elected twice? Not really when one considers that he and his cronies perfected this strategy.

You see, if you make false statements often enough, persistently, and with an unyielding certainty, at some point the unsuspecting individual becomes an easy mark (especially those who ascribes to a set of non-negotiable values like no abortions, no gay marriage, and unrestricted access to weapons). So once you toss in the family values agenda and an implication that you're actions are the result of divine guidance, you have a loyal supporter willing to donate a few dollars if it guarantees he'll be able to keep even more of them. And don't forget the free pass to a glorious afterlife in heaven.

I can't speak for anyone else, but I doubt that God envisioned his kingdom here on earth being all about the amount of money one could amass or extract from the faithful. In fact, my recollection of the story is that he sent his son to provide an example of humility and compassion. As I see it, if today's iteration of Christian values were applied retroactively to Jesus' life, I doubt he would have been feeding the masses. Instead, I suspect he would have been marketing the magic loaves and fishes basket for three easy payments of $19.99.

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Daniel DiRito | June 5, 2008 | 3:43 PM
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1 On June 8, 2008 at 2:52 PM, Concerned wrote —

I'd love to hear what Obama's economic plan will be. Maybe I have missed it, but what will he do and how will he pay for it?

That's what I'd like to know...

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