Peter J. Gomes Discusses Jesus & The Gospel Of Jesus genre: Gaylingual & Hip-Gnosis

It's always refreshing to witness a scholarly and informed discussion of that is able to step away from rigid dogma in order to provide some context and insight beyond the Bible.

In the following video, Peter Gomes, a Baptist minister and author of the book, The Scandalous Gospel of Jesus, attempts to draw the distinction between what Jesus taught and what the Bible states. Gomes posits that Jesus was a teacher...but not of the Bible...which therefore means that the Bible shouldn't receive the credence it is often given. In fact, Gomes suggests that the Bible is merely a number of different individual's attempting to explain the teachings of Jesus...each having their own unique perspective.

Gomes covers a number of topics in this hour long segment, including an instructive analysis of Jeremiah Wright's controversial statements (starts at 18:20)...his thoughts on what Jesus would have to say about race (starts at 26:30)and gay marriage (starts at 31:00).

Gomes sees the resolution of racial strife as a complicated issue. He suggests that dialogue between the races may not offer any real solutions and he makes reference to those who believe the best course may be for families of color to discuss race within their own homes rather than attempting a dialogue with those who have perpetrated racism. The point he's making is that change isn't apt to be a negotiated solution but a calculated transformation effected by those who have been the object of racism.

With regard to Jesus' view of same-sex marriage, Gomes offers a rather practical answer...stating that Jesus would likely find no fault with anything that promotes fidelity and loyalty...concluding it is a good thing. He also suggests that Jesus would criticize the number of failed marriages and recommend that people spend their excess energy addressing that dilemma.

Anyone interested in a rational take on religion...absent the venom and vitriol that frequently hijacks such discussions...will enjoy this excellent presentation. Gomes is far more than a minister. His grasp of history, culture, and human nature...and his ability to connect each with the evolution of religion is remarkable.

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Daniel DiRito | July 21, 2008 | 1:04 PM
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